Clerical, light industrial, cleaning services or transportation - each is a unique industry with high-stakes workers' compensation issues. For almost twenty years, we have worked with temporary staffing companies and understand precisely how to manage your exposure to this risk. 

The temporary staffing industry is unique in that they cannot control their employees' work place. In many cases, temporary staffing firms are hired precisely to absorb the risk and cost of compensation claims. Our job is to control and mitigate this exposure. We form a working partnership with you to limit your exposure, control your loses and reduce your insurance premium costs.

We recommend our Premium Recovery Program - a complete technical review of your workers' compensation policy to ensure the accuracy of details such as employee classifications, endorsements and modification factors. If we discover mistakes and recover charges, we are compensated as a percentage of actual savings. If no mistakes are found, our service is complementary. 

Mistakes are very costly. Companies with high modification factors are often excluded from bidding on jobs. Whether a union or an open shop, profit margins are getting squeezed and competition is fierce. 

Workers' compensation, a fixed cost of doing business, is not an uncontrollable cost. The variance in premium cost between competing companies may be as much as 40%. Our clients save money because we manage every lost claim filed against them through our Comprehensive Claims Service. We protect our clients' interests throughout the claims process to shorten the settlement time and reduce the final claim amount.

With our Premium Recovery Program, we analyze your workers' compensation policy - construction credits, employee classifications, endorsements and modification factors - to ensure accuracy. This is a contingency based program, if we discover mistakes and recover past overcharges, we are paid as a percent of actual savings. If no mistakes are found, our service is complementary.

Organizations, nursing homes, community health centers and social service providers derive no tangible benefit from the money they spend on workers' compensation insurance premiums. It doesn't inspire or motivate employees; it doesn't reduce workload, nor does it help your clients. This cost is unavoidable but it isn't uncontrollable. At Stephenson+Brook, we control and reduce your workers' compensation costs. 

Hospitals, community health centers, not-for-profits, social services agencies and nursing homes have some of the highest workers' compensation costs of any industry in the country. S+B's job is to manage risk, contain costs, and save you money.

Stephenson+Brook works with leading auto dealerships to save them money on their workers' compensation premiums.

Accidents and injuries occur most frequently in the service department. Conditions may be safe, technicians may be careful, but accidents will happen. When it comes to workers' compensation costs, the key thing is what happens after the accident and how the claim is managed. When the claims are managed by Stephenson+Brook, the impact on future compensation costs stemming from increased premiums can be significantly reduced or even avoided.

Here's how Stephenson+Brook worked for a major chain of franchised restaurants which were incurring numerous workers' compensation claims: Management suspected that a number or these claims were fraudulent.

S+B was brought to the client by their broker. By working actively and cooperatively with physicians and the insurance company, we closed more than a dozen cases. Within six months of working with S+B, the number of suspected false claims was reduced to zero. 

Whether yours is a single, independently-owned restaurant or a national chain, the food and entertainment industries have unique employee relations and workers' compensation issues. Our claims' consultants have direct experience in your industry and their goal is to shorten the settlement time and reduce the final claims amount. 

Hotels are complex organizations involving employees functioning in many different capacities and with many insurance classification codes. Frequently, we find misclassifications and miscalculations in the policy which costs our clients money. The first thing we do is perform a thorough and comprehensive Premium Recovery Analysis. 

In addition, our clients often benefit from Claims Management. Work sites may be safe, employees may be careful and dedicated, but in hotel operations and real estate management, accidents do occur; claims do arise. The key to cost control is managing the impact of these claims on future comp costs stemming from increased premiums.

Bill Review - We review workers' compensation medical bills for diagnosis and coding accuracy. This assures that bills and codes are in compliance with AMA standard coding rules, state-approved coding rules and state reimbursement compliance. We check for duplication of payment and verify that the services concern the specific accident.

Medical and Surgical Fee Negotiation - We offer negotiation of fees for medical and surgical services. Working within our clients' municipal guidelines and AMA guidelines, we arrange for a fair and equitable fee for all negotiable services. In most cases, we demonstrate a monthly savings between 25% and 50% of suggested charges. This positive return is due in part to our rapport with many physician offices, which facilitates our negotiating ability. Our strong coding and medical expertise helps us determine when certain medical circumstances require extra consideration. We advise our clients, assisting them with clarification of medical questions.