We are neither a broker nor an insurer; we are an independent management firm responsible only to our clients.


Established in 1987, Stephenson+Brook provides clients with a strategic, multi-dimensional approach to controlling risk. Our team of claims consultants, medical case managers, physicians, nurses, actuaries, certified risk managers, as well as policy experts, provide cost-saving results which are demonstrably superior to our competition. We currently service our clients from offices in metro Boston and New York City. We anticipate announcing new regional office locations in the near future. 

Every day at Stephenson+Brook, we prove our value to businesses of all types and sizes. Auto dealerships and construction companies; car washes and concert halls; non-profits and restaurant chains; media outlets and staffing agencies - workers' compensation is a common denominator; reducing the ultimate cost of workers' compensation is a common goal. Workers' compensation costs go up by accident, but they certainly don't come down by accident. For large and small employers, workers' compensation is a serious issue in which errors and missteps can be extremely costly. 


Partnering with us and bringing cost-saving techniques and opportunities to your clients is one way of adding value and differentiating your services from others. 

Your clients do not get anything for the money they spend on workers' compensation. They do not achieve greater productivity; they do not inspire or motivate their employees. They do not gain anything. 

Stephenson+Brook collaborates with leading insurance brokerage agencies who appreciate that their clients will benefit from our insight and experience in the highly technical, specialized area of workers' compensation. 

In short, collaboration with Stephenson+Brook leads to client satisfaction, client retention, and loyalty. 


"The Robert J. Devereaux Corp. has been a client for 20 years which reflects our confidence in their quality service and expertise in the field of Workers' Compensation Claims and Safety Management.  The enthusiasm of their staff reflects how committed they are to the process of educating employers in Safety and Claims Management.  It is through this positive process that our company has been able to control costs, as well as obtain and maintain a good experience modification rate and build a safe work environment for our employees.  I write this testimonial with pleasure and great thanks for all you have done and continue to do for Devereaux Corp.  It is a wonderful working relationship." 

Eleanor F. Brennan, Devereaux Corp.

"Penacook Place has been a client of Stephenson and Brook for more than 15 years. In that time they have saved us money and advised us wisely with the best interest of our organization first and foremost. They work closely with our insurance provider to ensure that our claims are managed with cost effectiveness and are resolved in a timely manner. I am glad they are on my team."

Karen Tarzia, Penacook Place

"There are issues that come up now that I never thought I would have to address, when it comes to employee relations. I am continually faced with new HR concerns that I’m not comfortable handling alone. The professional guidance that I get from our Claims Manager and ALL the staff at Stephenson & Brook is so accurate they have become my mandatory “go to” experts. They ARE my HR department! Thank you to all at Stephenson & Brook"!

James Roddy, NETTTS

"We have been a client for over 10 years, and have found their services indispensable in dealing with difficult workers compensation claims. Trying to get claim information from the various providers while participating in numerous OCIPs and CCIPs was frustrating and sometimes impossible, but our Claims Manager was able to cut through the red tape and provide detailed accurate monthly reports on all outstanding claims". 

Vincent Petroni, E.M. Duggan, Inc

"I have had the privilege of working with Stephenson and Brook for the past 10 years. They’re passionate about what they do and truly take care of the customers. I believe their knowledge and service are impeccable! It’s without hesitation that I write this testimonial." 

Henry Foreman, Baldor Specialty Foods, Inc. 


Bonnie Brook

 Co-Founder and President


Bonnie Brook is credited with having directed the expansion of Stephenson+Brook into a multi- million dollar business. In addition to heading the sales team at Stephenson & Brook, she consults and trains senior corporate executives throughout the U.S. on issues concerning the impact workers' compensation issues may have on corporate operations as well as pending mergers and acquisitions. 

Ms. Brook speaks frequently to national and regional business associations. She has served on the Fraud Commission of the National Council on Compensation Insurance, The Workers' Compensation Task Force of the Attorney General of the Commonwealth of MA, and The White House Task Force for Small Business. Currently, she is on the membership committee of the Associated Subcontractors of MA and on the Board of Directors of the Construction Financial Managers Association. Ms. Brook has extensive corporate experience in industrial and employee relations and holds a Master's Degree in Labor Relations from New York University.