First Reporting Service

Stephenson + Brook specializes in identifying workers’ compensation needs of businesses across multiple industries and State jurisdictions. Our First Reporting professionals are trained to recognize unique obstacles that employers face and help make the process of reporting workers’ compensation claims as seamless as possible. We offer 3 simple reporting methods; claim submission by phone, fax, or email while adhering to the specific statutory requirements when reporting claims to the insurance carriers, third party administrators and State industrial accident departments.  Once notified of an injury, Stephenson + Brook immediately contacts the employer’s onsite supervisor to discuss the accident details and injury treatment options. Our in-house nursing staff is also available to answer any medical questions and to work with the employee’s medical provider to ensure timely treatment. Once the reporting process is completed, Stephenson + Brook continuously works with the insurance carrier’s claims adjuster to ensure that the claim is efficiently managed and monitors the claim for lost-time status. Our First Reporting staff will also offer training on proper handling of work related injuries, implementing modified duty plans and identifying loss trends as needed.