State-Approved Credit Programs

 Increasingly, states all across the country are introducing ways to encourage companies to take advantage of lowering workers' compensation costs. In Massachusetts, this incentive program is called the Qualified Loss Management Program (QLMP) and in New Hampshire, it's known as the Safety Incentive Program (SIP). The QLMP in Massachusetts offers four years of premium credit discounts and the New Hampshire SIP offers three years of premium credit discounts to companies in the Assigned Risk Pool who work with Stephenson+Brook. 

In Massachusetts, the Workers' Compensation Rating Bureau has awarded Stephenson+Brook a QLMP rating of 15% for 2018. Companies in the assigned risk pool in Massachusetts who retain Stephenson & Brook to help control their workers' compensation cost through its LOSSGUARD Program, will receive a premium discount credit of 15% in year one, followed by declining discounts in the following three years.

In New Hampshire, Stephenson+Brook is certified by the National Council on Compensation Insurance (NCCI) to provide LOSSGUARD to companies in the assigned risk pool. When employers work with Stephenson+Brook, they receive the maximum premium credit of 10% in year one, 7% and 3% the following two years.

LOSSGUARD educates and trains the employers in Stephenson+Brook's proven loss control techniques. The goal is to minimize workplace hazards, increase safety awareness and reduce accidents and injuries. In addition, its state-of-the-art claims management strategies are introduced to reduce losses and lost days through effective post-injury response, measured rehabilitation and safe return-to-work programs.