Medical Cost Containment

At Stephenson+Brook, we have the tools, the know-how and the experience necessary to control the costs associated with the medical care of injured employees. Our staff nurses track workers' compensation patient care to ensure that medical services are neither over-utilized nor under-utilized. Our service is stream-lined, efficient and effective. 

Our approach to medical cost containment is fully coordinated and multi-dimensional. Depending on the expressed needs and requirements of our clients, we offer the disciplines of medical and surgical fee negotiation, medical bill review, pharmaceutical review, nurse case management, bill auditing and utilization review. 

Our proprietary medical and pharmaceutical bill auditing makes certain that the workers' compensation medical bills correspond precisely to established diagnosis, treatment and procedures. We ensure coding accuracy, state reimbursement compliance, non-duplication of payment, and we verify that the services rendered are related only to the specific industrial accident at issue. 

We deliver dramatic cost savings, typically between 25% and 30% in charges when we negotiate medical and surgical fees. We apply the guidelines of our client, as well as the published guidelines of the American Medical Association in medical coding to contribute to savings for our clients.

Stephenson+Brook is proud to have worked with insurance industry leaders such as AIU and Public Service, and with clients such as Harvard University, Boston's Central Artery Tunnel Project, Fenway Park, Children's Hospital, Brown University, City of Boston, Boston Fire & Police, City of Waltham and many more municipalities.